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What is Social &
Financial Inclusion
Thursday, September 3, 2015


Connect All India began the journey of social and financial inclusion in the villages a few years back. The villagers suffer from extreme poverty, unemployment and inadequate health care. Most of the villagers are illiterate.

Our Mission

Connect all India (CAI) reaches out to unreached sections of society to promote social and financial inclusion by strengthening livelihood through capacity building, income generation, asset creation, savings and credit. CAI networks with public and private organizations to provide the marginalized with proofs of identity and access to financial services.

The Community Empowerment Model that Connect All India has adopted is about enabling more people to play an active role in the inclusion process, where common goals are discussed and worked at through community meetings and family empowerment. This model is used for disseminating information, creating awareness and building strong rapport to sustain the idea of inclusion in the community. Income generation, asset building and capacity building are done through this model.

The Family Empowerment Model of Connect All India is about preparing families towards financial inclusion, in which the process of dialoguing with families in the community gradually motivates them to be part of the interventions. Family members are catered to in the area of financial inclusion to ensure that one influences the other. Simultaneously, empowerment for social inclusion is done to ensure the well being of the family.

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